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We work with employers, associations, brokers, and private labels to provide pet insurance coverage to their employees, members, and customers. We have turnkey programs that are easy to integrate into your current portfolio. In addition, we can provide flexible, unbundled administrative, technology, underwriting, and marketing services.

Leverage our expertise to design a complete program or a one-off service to meet your specific needs.

Employers & Associations

Pets are dependents, too. Do your benefits include them? Nearly 70% of companies plan to offer pet insurance as a voluntary benefit in the next 12 to 24 months.+ Are you one of them?


Your clients look to you to help them protect what’s important in life – so why not include their furry family members? Learn how pet health insurance can help boost your business and enhance client relationships.

Insurance Companies

Whether you’re a Property & Casualty or Life & Health provider, we can help fill the gap to include pet health insurance for your customers.

Private Labels

Our robust capabilities and extensive insurance expertise have made Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group the premier partner in the industry for custom pet insurance and co-branding programs.

Underwriting Solutions

Need an underwriter for your own pet insurance offering? Using an experienced underwriter who understands this complex side of the business can help get your company to market and limit risk exposure.

Technology, Administrative, and Marketing Services

With API Integration, remote enrollment platform, call center solutions, policy issuance, and claims adjudication - our technology and operational expertise can be applied full-service or customized to fit your needs.

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