AKRON, Ohio (September 10, 2019) – Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group™ has expanded availability of their stand-alone, veterinary care insurance for companion horses to include six new states: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Kentucky, Oklahoma and Texas. Policies are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company and produced by C&F Insurance Agency, Inc., a Crum & Forster company.

The company’s ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance Horse plan covers accidents, injuries, illnesses and more, and features simple reimbursement based on a percentage of the veterinarian’s invoice. Every policy includes colic coverage (a relatively common equine digestive disorder) and the ability to add on preventive care for an additional cost. The plan is simple to understand and it’s easy to submit claims, with an option to do so electronically online. Plans come with a low annual deductible, limits that reset yearly, and a multiple horse or pet discount.

The company launched horse coverage in June of 2017, becoming the first of its kind for companion horses. Previously, veterinary care insurance was available as an add-on to a mortality insurance policy, reserved for race or performance horses. Coverage is also available in New York, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin.

For more information, please visit www.protectyourhorse.com.

* Product not available in all states. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Waiting periods, annual deductible, co-insurance, benefit limits and exclusions may apply. For all terms and conditions see www.aspcapetinsurance.com/horse-insurance. Preventive Care reimbursements are based on a schedule. Products, schedules, and rates may vary and are subject to change.

About Crum & Forster Pet Insurance GroupTM.

Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group's pet health insurance plans are underwritten by United States Fire Insurance Company and produced by C&F Insurance Agency, Inc.(NPN # 3974227), a Crum & Forster company.

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is provided by Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group through its licensed agency. The ASPCA® is not an insurer and is not engaged in the business of insurance.

Through a licensing agreement, the ASPCA receives a royalty fee that is in exchange for use of the ASPCA's marks and is not a charitable contribution. More information on ASPCA Pet Health Insurance can be found online at www.aspcapetinsurance.com.

Crum & Forster Pet Insurance Group is a trademark of United States Fire Insurance Company.

C&F and Crum & Forster are registered trademarks of United States Fire Insurance Company. Crum & Forster Company is comprised of leading and well-established property and casualty business units.

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